Download Happy Wheels iOS 11.2

Happy WheelsHappy wheels is a physics based racing game which features some gruelling racing action. It is developed and published by fancy force studios . The game uses many characters and different kinds of vehicles to move through the game’s different levels. There is a lot of graphic violence in the different maps that are generated. It is available on windows, iOS and Android. There is only single player mode for this game.

Features of Happy Wheels iOS 11.2

The different features of this game are:

  • There are many goals to finish the different levels of the game. The main goal is mainly to reach  the finish line or to collect as many tokens.
  • Violent graphic violence is shown on it’s gameplay.
  • The player can beheaded, smashed by different obstacles and monsters.
  • The game comes with a level editor that allows you to move to different level. Many tools and applications are used to increase the level.
  • The full version is only available on the Maker’s official website.
  • Approximately 5 million user generated levels.
  • Users can upload their maps to public server.
  • Videos and replays of their level attempts can be uploaded by the users.
  • Gameplay varies according to the choice of the character and also the design of the level.
  • Gruesome pictures which make the game more violent but also challenging and interesting.

How to download Happy Wheels iOS 11.2?

To download the Happy Wheels app, click the link below. Install the app and enjoy gaming.

Download Happy Wheels

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