Download Happy Wheels iOS 11.2.8

Happy WheelsHappy Wheels, a game developed by fancy force, is ragdoll physics-based platform browser game. There are several player characters, who use various types of incredible bikes to upgrade the game to next level. It is a complete racing game with single player made. There are certain levels to search the goal and collect the tokens. It allows its uses to upload their maps to a public user if they want to. It is compatible to web browser, ios and android devices. It is a side scrolling and obstacle game which is also available for mobile devices. It creates a situation for gamer when they perform several jobs in desperate search for victory. There are many updated versions which brings new excitement and other consequences for the racers. New it has brought excitement for users to play as an effective shopper on an electric shopping cart, irresponsible dad and his son bicycle, business guy on personal transporter, etc.

Features of Happy Wheels iOS 11.2.8

  • There are over 60 unique free and challenging levels available on this Happy Wheels¬†gameplay.
  • You can create your own editors level and customize the gaming platform.
  • You will face many deadly obstacle like spikes, moves, wreckling ball harpoons and much more.
  • It moves smoothly on the basis of realistic physics.
  • It is also supported by game center leaderboards.

How to Download Happy Wheels iOS 11.2.8?

Happy Wheels can be easily downloaded through the site. Click on the link below and enjoy
playing this game.

Download Happy Wheels

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