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Happy WheelsHappy Wheels game was introduced and published by American studio fancy store. This app was a platform browser game. This game helps the player to enjoy and learn simultaneously as it was a ragdoll physics-based game. This game has a number of characters, who use different vehicles and weapons to pass through the levels of the game. Graphic violence is the most noted feature of this game. This game is driven through a map guider on a public server. The tagline of the game is “Choose your inadequately prepared racer and ignore severe consequences in your desperate search for victory”.

Features of Happy Wheels iOS 11.4

  • The main and foremost theme of this game is the Violence.
  • It also contains a huge number of tools and objects for level mastering over the game and players can also mark and upload their maps to the server.
  • User interest is given importance in this game in such a way that player can create and customize levels. The graphic violence in this game consists of broken limbs, animated blood for more lively and real experience.
  • Player can exhibit violence in different forms like crushing by vehicles, hit by someone and much more.
  • The levels in the game has different motives like either finishing the line or collecting the tokens and many other tasks.
  • The worthiness of gamer is expelled through his progress over the increased levels of the game.
  • Characters in the game include businessman, police, doctor and other real-life characters.

How to Download Happy Wheels iOS 11.4?

Click the link available in the article for enjoying the most graphical experience through this game.

Download Happy Wheels

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