Download Happy Wheels iOS 11.8.8

Happy WheelsA platform browser game which was developed and published by American studio fancy force. Jim Bonacci a video game developer had developed this. The game is popularly known for its graphic violence. This can be shared on a public server.

Features of Happy Wheels iOS 11.8.8

  • Characters such as businessman on Segway is included in this game. Gameplay mechanics vary because of its character choice and level design.
  • The goal of the game varies based on the different levels. Like other games, this is not all about collecting tokens and we can experience on existence goals of the player.
  • The game is included with various terrible animations like animated blood loss, loss of limbs. Characters can be shot and crushed by many obstacles.
  • ┬áReplaying of the level attempts of the users can be uploaded by the users themselves. They can be viewed later.
  • Users can even edit and create custom levels of their own which promotes objects for level building.
  • This game is available for iOS and can be downloaded from app store and not available for Android. The release date for Android is still not announced.
  • ┬áThis game is liked by the persons who love violence and blood. Users will be addicted if they play this once because of its violent features.

How to download Happy Wheels iOS 11.8.8?

Experience this game Happy Wheels by downloading it. Click on the link given in the description of this article.

Download Happy Wheels


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