Download Happy Wheels iOS 12.1.0

Happy WheelsWant an interesting game? Try Happy Wheels. It is a physics-based game where players would need to play the different characters and drive their vehicles. This is a single player game and thus can be played offline. You can choose the character you want to play, the choices are of an irresponsible dad with his son, a wheelchair man or a pogo stick hopper. With different character, you will get different vehicles. The target would be to reach the end after successfully crossing all the hurdles. It is an exciting game offered by Miniclip.

Features of Happy Wheels iOS 12.1.0

Interested to know the features of the game that you may get with it? Here are they-

  • It offers three different characters to play. They are irresponsible dad with his son, a wheelchair man and a hopper.
  • It is a free game hence, no subscription is required to access it.
  • The game is available for iOS users.
  • It allows you to customize the vehicles after each level.
  • Players will earn coins after completing each level of the game.
  • It has 60 exciting levels to play.
  • Users can save their progress by logging in the Miniclip account.

How to download Happy Wheels iOS 12.1.0?

Happy Wheels can be easily downloaded in your iOS device. What you would need to do is to just click on the button you will find below. It will get downloaded in your device, install and enjoy gaming.

Download Happy Wheels

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