Download Happy Wheels iOS 12.8.0

Happy WheelsHappy wheels is a free online stunt game with several physical characters and vehicles which was created by Jim Bonacci in 2010 and was developed by American studio fancy force. The Happy Wheels game is available for many platforms such as web browser, ios, and android. The game is famous for its graphics and has many users playing the game from all over the world. The game has many levels in it and the players need to complete each level. The people can upload their gameplay and anyone can see it. The happy wheels is considered as the best free game by the IGN. The goal must be reached with the help of different vehicles. The main objective is to survive without getting crashed until the game is over. The game has got a lot of good reviews by the players and is highly rated in the graphic content.

Features of Happy Wheels iOS 12.8.0

1. The Happy Wheels game allows you to select the character of your own choice and design your own levels.
2. It contains different tools and objects for the building of levels.
3. The game maps are produced on the server which the players can see and select.
4. The different levels have different goals and coins are rewarded for each level.
5. The people can upload the replays of their game on the server.

How to download Happy Wheels iOS 12.8.0?

The users can download the game using the following download button-

Download Happy Wheels

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