Download Happy Wheels iOS 15.2.4

Happy WheelsHappy wheels is an action-packed game available on your Windows iOS which was developed in the year 2010. The user takes the role of an unprepared racer and violently clashes everywhere and into everything to win the level, unbothered of the consequences. The whole aggressively crude way of playing is the central theme of the game; it brings a lot of ridicule and amusement from the players. The goal of the game differs in each level but the main goal is to collect all the coins. And ultimately, to win the race. The purpose of the game is to attain the goal or aim by taking the help of other weapons and vehicles. The users and general audience gave the game positive reviews.

Features of Happy Wheels iOS 15.2.4

The features of Happy Wheels are-

  • Over 50 different types of levels.
  • Dangerous hurdles and creative weapons.
  • Interesting physics
  •  The violence is present throughout the entire game and on different
    levels, this actually entertains the users.

How to download Happy Wheels iOS 15.2.4?

Install it on your mobile device. To control the game – Use the left arrow key for your character to lean back and right arrow key to lean forward. This helps in balance of the vehicle and assists in driving. Click on the arrow key which points up to move forward and down to go backwards. Space bar is to go full hard/throttle. Ctrl is for switching etc and Z to leave your vehicle.

Download Happy Wheels

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